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Ombre Eyebrow

ombre eyebrow service

Price:  $550  $495 | 2hrs | Free Retouch included

It is referred to as” pencil” because it appears as if you fill your eyebrows in using a pencil. The powder fill method involves the application of thousands of tiny little dots of pigment, inserted into the skin, gradually building up a color and a defined shape. many people are fearful of this method looking too ‘solid’ or unnatural because it does indeed have a more defined, solid look than MICROBLADING alone. But, cosmetic tattoo pigments have come a really long way since then, and pigments for brows are blended browns, blondes, and taupes, and all extremely natural looking.

LASTING PERIOD: Usually, 1-3 years depending on the skin type and lifestyle.


  • In older skin, or skin that has been aged prematurely from sun exposure, the Microblading does not stay in the skin as well defined as in younger, more elastic skin.
  • Someone who has old pigments which should be covered.
  • Someone who has an oily skin.
  • Someone who doesn’t have much hairs



Microblading Eyebrow

3D Microblading Eyebrow

Price :  $550  $495  | 2hrs | Free Retouch included

An art technique that creates 3D hair strokes that looks just like real hairs.

Each individual hairstroke is hand drawn by the artist and blended in with the client’s existing eyebrow hair. This produces a very fine line that resembles real hair. Results from microblading are more natural than traditional eyebrow tattoos.

LASTING PERIOD : Usually, 8 months to 1 year depending on the skin type and lifestyle.

RECOMMEND : Someone who

  • wants to have the most natural looking and short term lasting period.
  • already has lots of eyebrow hairs
  •  wants to change brows shape&color every year.
  • has dry or normal skin type

Combination Eyebrow

Price : $580  $522 | 2.5hrs | Free Retouch included

Microblading and Ombre Pencil Eyebrow combined

A fantastic advanced combination technique is a great way to achieve a natural hair stroke look, but with better definition and longevity than hair stroke.

LASTING PERIOD : Usually, 1-4 years depending on the skin type and lifestyle.

RECOMMEND : Someone who

  • has no hair of eyebrows.
  • wants a perfectly defined shape and natural hair strokes together.
  • has dry or normal skin type. Especially, Combination is perfect for oily skin.
  • wants a long term period
  • has old pigments on the skin

Lash Enhancement

Upper Classic Eyeliner

Price : $400  | 2hrs | Free Retouch included

Do you want to save time to add definition to your eyes, want to fill in between the lashes to create the illusion of thicker, darker, and completely full lashes without looking lined or like obvious makeup looking. A subtle soft natural enhancement between the lash roots makes your lashes look more defined and brings out the colour of your eyes.

It lasts 2-5years

Upper winged eyeliner

Upper winged eyeliner

Price : $480 | 3hrs | Free Retouch included

Winged Eyeliner Tattoo Enhancement will quite literally enhance your life, never to go ‘bare-eyed’ again! You may choose top only or both top and bottom, adding depth, definition, and lift to the eyes so that they appear larger and more striking, and lashes appear thicker and fuller.If you wish to make a statement this defined look will definitely get you noticed. Highly defined to maximize thickness.If you wish to make a statement this defined look will definitely get you noticed. Highly defined to maximize thickness.


Sparse Lashes, Busy lifestyle, Aging

Droopy and sleepy eyes

Someone who has an old color or faded color

It lasts 5 to 10 years

Lower eyeliner

Lower eyeliner

Price : $300 | 2hrs | Free Retouch included

Do you want to save time adding eye makeup with no smudging, waterproof, add definition to your eyes, or improve the shape and balance of the eyes. Then say, goodbye to your daily eyeliner routine and hello to Permanent Makeup, and wake up in the morning looking your best with stunning alluring eyes.

It lasts 2-10years, It depends on color and your skin type

Soft Eyeliners

Price : $450 | 2hrs | Free Retouch included

If you don’t want harsh and strong effects and you want a soft pencil eyeliner looking instead of liquid or gel eyeiners. You will definitely love the softest eyeliners.

It lasts 2 to 5 years

Shadow Eyeliners

Price : $550 | 3hrs | Free Retouch included

You can choose one color or multiple colors and creat your own look from natural to bold and thin to thick. the choice is endless!

It lasts 5 to 10years

Full Lips

full lips

Price : $580   | 3hrs | Free Retouch included

Full lip color can be applied with either a natural colour or a more vivid one. Wear your permanent lip color alone in a natural tone or apply different shades of lipstick over your permanent lip colour for those occasions when you prefer a more dramatic look–you will find that the color lasts much longer when applied over permanent cosmetic lip color than it did to a bare lip.During swimming or sauna, your face will look fresh and you won’t loss confidence.

It lasts usually 5years


People who want to extend lip size / No lipstick anymore / Fix Tone of lip colour permanently

Hair Line

Price : $580+ | 150min | Free Retouch included

Women can have alopecia, thinning and baldness or some people are lack of confidence about uneven hairline.Today’s people are losing hair more frequently than previous generations. Multiple studies have offered possible causes for women’s Hair Loss; stress, hormones, pollution, hair products, diet, pregnancy, raised testosterone’s or some people want to have confidence looking and the effects can be devastating to confidence and self-esteem.

  • It is performed on forehead area of female clients
  • It lasts usually 5years

Old Tattoo Correction

Price : $50 | Should be done with one of eyebrows services.

Your brows might need a color correction before any eyebrows services. Whether you need this or not will be decided during the consultation.


Price : $50

If you just want a consultation, we offer AN HOUR CONSULTATION. We will

  • discuss colors, shape and recommend a suitable method.
  • explain a healing process and after care.
  • show lots of different cases before and after photos.
  • prove that we mostly use disposable products and use medical grade products.
  • draw design on your skin.
  • offer an allergy test to numbing creams and pigments.

If you book any services right after the consultation, this cost will be deducted.

These consultations are already included in all services. so you don't need to book consultation separately.

Color Boost Treatments

One session of refresh touch-up for a returning client.





(Get 2nd service or more, get 20% off / equal or lesser value  / Promotion is not included)

  • Free Retouch expires after 2month from the 1st procedure