Price: $120

The Classic style is applying ONE lash extensions to ONE natural lash. If you have 100 natural lashes, I will only be able to apply 100 lash extensions. There are various lengths and thickness available to suit each individual eye.

Unlimited Lashes application


Less than 21 days : $70

Classic Mini Set

  Price: $70

60% Fullness | 40~50 lashes per eye


Less than 14days : $40

Russian Volume Natural Set

  Price: $135

Low Density | 40% Fullness

Natural Volume Lashes are suitable for the following client who:

  • never tried Russian volume before.
  • has gaps and empty parts to be covered.
  • wants to feel extremely lightweight and have a fluffy look.


Less than 14days : $90

Russian Volume Glamour Set

  Price: $175

Hybrid | Medium Density | 70%Fullness


Less than 21days : $110

Russian Volume Mega Set

  Price: $215

High Density | 100% Fullness

Recommend for people who

  • already have strong&thick lashes
  • love a makeup look
  • want to have a very dark effect.


Less than 21days : $170

Eyelash Lifting

Eyelash Lifting

Price: $70

(Tinting – extra $10)

Enhance your natural Beauty.

RECOMMEND: People who

  • Have an allergy to glue used in eyelash extension.
  • Wear makeup every day and use oil remover around the eyes.
  • Wash their face very thoroughly.
  • Have long length but not the volume.

LASTING PERIOD: Up to 7weeks

Classic Extension : $30

Russian Volume Extension: $40

(If you get any other services, Removal fee is FREE)


  • Refills on other technicians work will not be accepted. Removal with Full set is required.
  • The Eyelash extension’s amount must be left at least 30% per eye for refills. Otherwise, you need a Full Set.
  • You can bring some photos for better consultation:)