• Who are the instructors at OMLB and what background do they have?

- Heidi Kim is Korean-Canadian. Heidi has 7 years of experience in Eyelash Extension and 9 years of Semi-Permanent Makeup in South Korea, where it has already well developed in the beauty industry. She has 7 years of experience in Canada as a Micro-Pigmentation and Eyelash Extension artist and trainer. She has master certifications in both Microblading and Eyelash Extension and is also qualified beauty technicians with a Medical Esthetics Diploma. She is still working hard on developing their skills by devisal and attending seminars with her great passion.


- Microblading Refresher

  This course has been designed for experienced technicians who need more confidence or want to get additional knowledge and practice in various techniques. In the one day course  students practice three basic hair strokes for women. Also, students learn the introduction to the skin anatomy. Since this is an advanced class for established  permanent make-up  artists, who wish to expand their skills in Microblading, this is not recommended for beginners.

- Intensive Microblading

  The goal for this course is to nurture the best Microbading specialists with the best techniques. This course is for the person who never learned a microblading before. OMLB will give you all the  training you need to become a successful Microblading practitioner. In this class you will  learn the basic theory of Microblading and practice on live models under supervision after a demonstration. This class provides from the introduction to the human body to all the information that you need to know for  starting up with your business. You will practice several different types of hair stroke patterns according to ethnicity and trends including men's hair stroke and scalp Microblading


- PMU Full package

  This course provides Eyebrows, Eyeliners, Lips and Scalp Microblading with the fundamental education you need to embark a successful career in permanent makeup. In this course you will learn advanced techniques such as colour correction and neutralization. OMLB offers training with the pen machine and the manual hard blade (dotting method). This is the right course if you want to get fully trained and establish yourself as a top permanent make-up artist        

• Is pen machine needed to take a PMU full package?

  Yes, this course is inclusive of lips, eyeline and various techniques in eyebrows, in which the machine is needed. You can purchase the pen machine from us or bring your own.

• Which course should I start with?

  First of all, you have to decide between a brows artist that specializes in only eyebrows and a permanent makeup artist that performs whole face tattoo such as brows and eyeliners, lips and scalp hair tattoo. Also, you need to decide whether a microblader, who only can perform one  technique or a brows expert, who can perform all the different techniques such as microblading and ombre method, color correction and 3D combination method. Even if the microblading represents the most  natural looking brows, it is not suitable for people who have old pigment on their skin or no hairs. However, if you become a brows expert or permanent makeup artist, you will be able to take all clients in any cases and perform the most exclusive looking brows that brings a high satisfactory result to your clients. If you are well trained PMU artist, you can induce your client  to get their eyeliners or lips done with their trust in you, so that you can also increase your income.

• Is the Soft Ombre eyebrows course suitable for beginners? If so, must I have a machine?

YES, you can take this course whether you are a beginner or an experienced technician. You must have a tattoo machine. You can bring yours or you can purchase it from us. 


• Are the pigments in the package safe to use? How many clients can be treated with the amount?

OMLB uses the products that have passed FDA and DERMATEST the amount of pigment provided can treat between 50 to 100 clients' eyebrows with up to three years of expiration date.

• Will I get a certificate?

- Yes. once you finish the course, you will get a certificate right away and you can apply a license which the Canada government requires for legal work in Canada with our license.

• Am I be able to take a client right after the course?

- Yes. Most students set up their own business or work as an employee right after our course. And we teach the skills, as well as regulation of Canada health and safety and how to set up their own business legally in Canada includes home-based business.

• Does 1:1 training have an extra cost?

NO. We offer 1:1training at the same price.

• How can I register?

1. Click the course you want to take

2. Fill out the registration form below

3. Click the "Submit registration information"

- Once we get your confirmation, we will issue an Invoice, which requires a $200 deposit, to your email, and you can pay by card. Rest balance will be paid in person on the first day of the course. And your course schedule will be set after our consultation.