Terms & Condition

Eyelash Extension 

Existing clients should always arrive on time or early to remove any make up residue around eye area.
If you are late, we can only perform services within your original allotted appointment time.
Discuss any allergies, eye treatments you have had such as eye surgery, permanent make-up, chemical peels, etc.Should inform your therapist of any medical condition including pregnancy prior to booking, as some treatments may not be appropriate for you.


Disclose any latex or medical tape allergies

Discontinue any use of heavy creams, lotions and Vaseline around eye area the night prior to lash appointment

Must come to appointment make-up free around entire eye area. Clean eyes thoroughly with an OIL FREE make up remover product

Avoid receiving lash perm or tint within 48 hours prior to lash application appointment

Limit liquids at least 2-3 hours before appointment time ( this is due to the length of time you will be laying down with your eyes closed)

No caffeine 2-3 hours before appointment time ( caffeine makes eyes jittery)

Mobile phones should be silenced during service

Feel free to bring your own music with earbuds for your enjoyment and relaxation.

A 24 hour cancellation notice is required.


Candidates who are seeking permanent makeup and who may be contraindicated (meaning those that I cannot treat) are:

  • Those under 18 years of age need a guardian
  • People with diabetes
  • Pregnant and lactating women
  • People with glaucoma and people who are taking blood thinning medicines (e.g., aspirin).
  • People with skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema and undiagnosed rashes or blisters on the Site that is to be treated.
  • People with allergies to makeup or colours
  • Those with easily triggered postinflammatory hyperpigmentation are not good candidates
  • Those with transmittable blood conditions like HIV or Hepatitis
  • Active skin cancer in the area to be tattooed
  • You Are a hemophiliac
  • Have healing disorders, on blood thinners, uncontrolled high blood pressure or had mitral valve Disorder.
  • Those on any skin medication such as ro-accutaine, steroids which thin and oversensitive the skin
  • Let me know if you have/had allergic reactions to topical anesthetics.

Other Condtraindictions

  • AHA’s (lactic, glycolic, citric, retinoic and tartaric acids) or any OTC creams and lotions for tone correcting, anti-aging, exfoliating, fading can discolor your          permanent makeup.
  • Flu or Cold: Please stay home, reschedule your appointment if you have cold or flu or sinus/respiratory infection.
  • Coumadin: Amount of bleeding and response to topical epinephrine will determine coverage per appointment. If excessive bleeding occurs, extra appointments may be necessary for desired outcome or procedure may not be effective.
  • Cancers/Chemotherapy: Doctor's clearance may be necessary.
  • Laser eye surgery: Wait about 3 months for eyeliner procedure. All other permanent makeup procedures are ok.
  • Juvederm or other "fillers": Get permanent makeup first or ask your juvederm tech for clearance.
  • Shingles (varicella): If you have shingles on your face, wait several months to get permanent makeup.
  • Eyelift or blepharoplasty: Wait about 6 months.
  • Eyelash extensions: AFTER permanent makeup, not before. Or remove them before your procedure. Pinkeye: As soon as their infection has cleared, medication completed.
  • Cold Sores: Clients with a history of cold sores need to pre-medicate with an anti-viral drug (Zoviraz, Valtrex, or Acyclovir) prior to a lip coloring procedure.
Pre & post care

Before Eyelash Extension

Please remove all eye makeup with a mild, oil-free cleanser prior to your appointment. Eye makeup can interfere with the adhesive bond and shorten the lifespan of your lash extensions, so it's very important your natural lashes be as clean as possible.

After Eyelash Extension

Do not get your eyelash extensions wet for the first 24 hours after the application.

Do not expose your eyelash extensions to STEAM from showers, saunas, facials, hot yoga, swimming pools or spas, and avoid tanning beds AND spray tans for 48 hours after application.

Do not use oil based skincare, mascara, and cleansing products. ONLY water based and oil-free products are approved for use. Oil based products, including oil based eyeliner, will affect the adhesion and cause the lashes to fall out prematurely. Oil based and waterproof mascara should be avoided ENTIRELY to avoid damage to natural lashes as well as eyelash extensions.

Do not touch lashes frequently. Keeping your fingers off your extensions will keep them clean and free of natural oils.

Brush your eyelash extensions. Brushing your eyelash extensions with a clean lash brush given to you will keep your lashes tangle free and looking their best. This will also encourage loose lashes to shed as needed. Brush only from center to tip, avoiding the base of lash line.

NO EYELASH CURLER. You will not need to curl your eyelash extensions. Doing so can cause breakage and pull natural eyelashes from the root, potentially causing damage.

Inform your other service providers that you have eyelash extensions when getting facials, spray tans, massages, etc.

Before Semi-Permanent Makeup 

ALL SEMI-PERMANENT COSMETIC PROCEDURES ARE MULTI-SESSION PROCESSES. An initial application is incomplete until after a follow-up appointment, which must be scheduled approximately 4-8 weeks after your initial appointment. There is no additional charge for the follow-up appointment after your initial application as long as it is performed within two months of the initial application.

WHILE YOUR SKIN HEALS, BE PREPARED FOR THE COLOR INTENSITY OF YOUR PROCEDURE TO BE SIGNIFICANTLY LARGER, SHARPER, BRIGHTER, OR DARKER than what is expected for the final outcome. This is a normal and expected result of the application and healing process. The healing process will take a number of days to complete, depending on how quickly the outer layer of your skin exfoliates and new skin regrows to take its place. Since delicate skin or sensitive areas may swell slightly or redden, some clients feel it best not to make social plans for a day or two following any procedure. Wear your normal makeup and bring your lip or brow pencils with you the day of the procedure.

Pre-Procedure Instructions

Eyebrows: Avoid tweezing, waxing, electrolysis, and coloring your brows for two weeks prior to the procedure if possible. This will allow your practitioner the most flexibility to achieve optimal results. Also Eyebrow tinting should not be undertaken for two weeks prior to the procedure.

Eyeliner: DO NOT WEAR CONTACT LENSES DURING OR IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE PROCEDURE. Remember to bring your glasses. You may resume wearing your contact lenses as soon as your eyes return to their pretreated condition.Also any eyelash tinting or eyelash perming should be carried out no sooner than 1 week before or two weeks after the procedure.

Do not use growth stimulants such as Latisse®, RapidLash®, or RevitaLash® for at least one week prior to and one week after your eyeliner procedure.

Lips: If you have any history of cold sores/ fever blisters/ herpes simplex, you must contact your physician to obtain and take the proper prescription medication to prevent such outbreaks for at least 4 days before and after the procedure. Many physicians prescribe 12 capsules of 500mg Valtrex. Follow your physician’s instructions. This can help minimize an outbreak. Permanent cosmetic procedures do not cause cold sores, however if you carry the virus, it lays dormant in the body and can be aroused by the procedure. Also Lip wax or bleaching treatments should not be undertaken for at least a two week period preceding your permanent cosmetic procedure.

Hair Line: We recommend that your scalp avoids direct sun exposure or tanning beds for 7-10 days before your procedure to eliminate the risk of burnt skin. No sunburn for 30 days prior before appointment. If for some reason you come the day of your cosmetic hair tattoo procedure with a sunburn or .If you have received your scalp-related services before the procedure, we will not be able to perform the procedure that day and will have to reschedule to a later time.
Please wash your hair on the day of the procedure. Do not use irritating products. For example, products with strong scrub products or strong menthol are not recommended.

After Semi-Permanent Makeup

The following must be avoided during all 14 days post-Permanent Makeup procedure:

  • Increased sweating
  • Practicing sports
  • Swimming
  • Make up and  lotion and soap on the area
  • Hot sauna, hot bath, or Jacuzzi
  • Sun tanning or salon tanning
  • UV/UVA Rays or chemicals as they have been known to cause a shift in color and premature fading
  • Any laser or chemical treatments or peelings, and/or any creams containing Retin-A or Glycolic acid on the face or neck
  • Picking, peeling, or scratching of the micro pigmented area in order to avoid scarring of the area or removal of the pigment
  • Performing tasks related to heavy household cleaning such as garage or basement cleaning where there is a lot of airborne debris
  • Drinking alcohol in excess, as it may lead to slow healing of wounds
  • Driving in open air vehicles such as convertibles, boats, bicycles, or motorcycles
  • After procedure, make sure your hands are completely clean and gently apply the post-care ointment (A&D ointment, grape seed oil or coconut oil) with a cotton swab.  This can be done once at night time for 7 days.
  • Please wash your face carefully around the eyebrow without getting water on the treated area.  During the shower, keep your face away from the showerhead or take a bath.
  • If you have any unexpected problems with the healing of the skin, please contact OHMYLASHANDBROW immediately, to discuss further instructions.
  • Contact a physician if any signs or symptoms develop such as the following: fever, redness at the site, swelling, tenderness of the procedure site, elevated body temperature, red streaks going from the procedure site towards the heart, and/or any green/yellow discharge that is foul in odor.


What is Semi-Permanent Make-up?

Semi-Permanent Make-up is a non-surgical treatment that replicates flawlessly applied ‘conventional’ cosmetics through the infusion ofcoloured,  pharmaceutical grade pigments into the skin. Results are immediate and long lasting, bringing balance and definition to facial features.

Who is Semi-Permanent Make-up suitable for?

Every woman who wants to feel good about her self and confident that her make up application is faultless with an endurance way beyond anything conventional cosmetics can offer! We also offer life-changing benefit to alopecia sufferers or those who are suffering / will suffer hair loss following chemotherapy. (NOTE – It is advisable to have the treatment done prior to the chemotherapy and the subsequent hair loss, particularly with the eyebrows. The reason for this is so that your natural hair growth patterns can be taken into consideration, so that when your eyebrows do grow back, they will exist in harmony with the tattooed brow).

Is Semi-Permanent Make-up safe?

Absolutely! We follow a strict code of conduct that ensures the safety of our clients. Meticulous standards of hygiene are followed with the use of disposable cartridges, gloves etc. We are trained and qualified technician, and only use state-of-the-art equipment and hypoallergenic pigments.

Does it hurt?

Client comfort is an important aspect of all semi-permanent procedures. It does hurt a little, but is rather more uncomfortable than unbearable. Be assured, we use the best topical numbing agents, both before and throughout the procedure ensuring your maximum comfort.

How long do the results last for?

Semi-Permanent M procedures can last for many years. The actual length of time is variable and depends on factors such as UV / sun exposure, skin type, beauty regimen, the density of colour implanted into the skin (softer enhancements do not last as long as strong, bold enhancements). All enhancements will require a colour boost or top up every year or two to maintain their crispness and colour.

How quickly will my procedure heal?

Everyone is different and healing times vary according to your health. Generally speaking the skin surface will heal in under a week, and the basal layers (underneath layers) of the skin take a little longer. This said, there is no real down time as long as you follow the Post Care Instructions.

How will I look immediately afterwards?

Brows procedures are barely noticeable, usually only appearing slightly darker. Eyes may swell a little, but this generally only lasts for a day. Lips will swell and may remain swollen and chapped in appearance for several days.

Can I wear make-up afterwards?

We advise not to wear normal cosmetics until the skin has healed as this may cause infection and/or hinder the healing process. If you absolutely have to, a light application of newly opened mineral make-up using new / clean brushes and wands is permitted, but we would rather you keep the treatment site hygienically clean and lightly moisturized to promote efficient healing. Once healed you can wear as much make-up as you wish, although you probably will not need to!

How long does the procedure take?

Most procedures take between 1.5 – 2.5 hours start to finish. It is always allow more than enough time so that you and your aesthetician can be relaxed and not be rushed to finish.

Will the enhancement look false or unnatural?

Absolutely not! My signature brows, eyeliner and lips are always natural and appealing. I maintain that a person looks best with a ‘fresh faced’ look rather than a heavy unnatural look.

What if I am on medication – will it affect the procedure?

There are some medications that are contra-indicated. It is vitally important that you discuss medications you are taking with us at your consultation.

I have suffered with cold sores in the past – will this affect my lip enhancement?

This needs to be discussed with your aesthetician at the consultation. As a preventative measure, you will need to see your doctor prior and take a course of medication to prevent a cold sore break out

Can my poorly tattooed eyebrows be fixed?

In most cases they most certainly can, however your expectations need to be realistic as results are not always comparable to a fresh, new brow procedure. Poorly shaped, unnatural colour brows need to be corrected using corrective pigments and sometimes the use of removal solutions to fade or remove old pigment, and can take several treatments to see an improvement.



What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are an exciting new way to extend the length and thickness of your natural eyelashes. Lash extensions are single strands of synthetic eyelashes that are curved to replicate a natural eyelash. They are applied to each individual natural eyelash one by one for a natural, beautiful and luscious look.

What do eyelash extensions look like when applied?

With proper application, meaning one synthetic eyelash applied to one natural lash the look and feel is completely natural looking and real. No one will know you have extensions. They will just think you were born with beautiful, long lashes!

How long will it take to apply eyelash extensions and how is it done?

Lashes are applied while you are lying down with your eyes closed in a cozy, warm spa bed. This beauty rest can take about 1.5 hours for a full set, and depending on the set of lashes you desire. After cleaning and priming your lashes, your bottom lashes are protected with an anti-aging eyepad or medical tape and then lash extensions are applied 1-to-1 with medical-adhesive. It is a very relaxing, non-invasive procedure and most clients fall asleep!

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Eyelash extensions can last up to 6 weeks when properly cared for. However they are no longer full at 6 weeks. Therefore fill are recommended to keep your lashes full. The extensions will shed with the natural growth cycle of your own lashes. If you choose to get touch-ups in between they will last as long as you continue to fill them in.

How often should I get touch-ups?

We recommend getting a touch up every 2 to 4 weeks. If you wait too long your eyelash extensions will fall out and you will require a full set. Other factors such as exposure to steam, humidity or touching your eyes alot may cause the extensions to fall sooner. Touch-ups can take anywhere from 45 - 60 minutes, depending on how long you wait between appointments. During your touch-up appointment, we will remove make-up residue, remove grown-out extensions, prime your lashes and apply extensions to new lash growth. A good indicator of when to be in for a fill is when your extensions are 50% gone.

Can I swim, shower, exercise, or visit a spa while wearing eyelash extensions?

Yes. The bonding agent we use is waterproof and allows you to shower, swim, exercise etc. Special care is required but overall maintenance is low. We do recommend however that you do not wash your eye area for at least 24 hours after the eyelash application.

Who should NOT wear eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions may not be suitable for people who:

  • Have pre-existing eyelid or eye conditions such as blepharitis and ocular rosacea
  • Are very rough with themselves and do not want to follow after care instructions
  • Want a very heavy mascara look but do not have the natural lashes to support it
  • Have a condition called Trichotillomania, which is compulsive pulling or twisting of hair or eyelashes
  • Are in chlorinated water many times a week
  • Cannot control rubbing their eyes