• Who are the instructors at OMLB and what background do they have?

- Heidi Kim is Korean-Canadian. Heidi has 7 years of experience  in Eyelash Extension and 9 years of Semi-Permanent Makeup in South Korea, where it has already well developed in beauty industry. She has 7 years of experience in Canada as a Micro-Pigmentation and Eyelash Extension artist and trainer. She has master certifications in both Microblading and Eyelash Extension and is also qualified beauty technicians with a Medical Esthetics Diploma. She is still working hard on developing their skills by devisal and attending seminars with her great passion.

• What are the differences between Refresher and Intensive Eyelash Extension and Full package courses?


  This course has been designed for students who have learned before, but are not confident yet or those who want to learn for interest. In this course, you will learn the basic theory, the universal classic techniques, and practice on a live model.


 This class is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners. In this class, you will learn the fundamental theory of eyelash techniques and focus more on live model practice.  You will learn how to design the shape of eyelash by using various thicknesses, lengths and curls with a classic  technique. This class is ideal for beginners who want to be employed or set up their own business, and those who have experience, but need more confidence.



  This class provides classic and 3D Russian volume techniques. This course consists of basic theory, knowledge of supplies, and also marketing and preparation for your own business. Recently, technicians have been facing a variety of clients' demands. Therefore, you should be able to perform various techniques to meet the clients' desires. That way, you could increase your income. This is the right class for those who want  to be a fully trained eyelash designer, with all the knowledge and techniques. There is no previous experience necessary.

• Can a beginner take the Russian volume course?

  No, because Russian volume technique is the most advanced skill among all the eyelash techniques, only those who can perform the classic eyelash extension are allowed to apply for this course. You can take the  classic course at OMLB or anywhere else.

• How many clients can I treat with the supplies given? Is the glue safe to use?

Each lash tray can treat more than 20 clients, and we provide 1~4trays.

A bottle of glue is enough for 80 people. But once you open it, can only last a month and a half.

• Where can I purchase the supplies?

OMLB sells all the products for PMU and eyelash extensions. All products are safe to use and have passed the FDA test. Please understand that certain products need two weeks prior to be delivered.

• Do you provide a model for student practice?

  No, OMLB doesn't provide a model for hands on practice.

• Will I be ready to work in this field right after complete the course?

It all depends on one's talent. There is a huge range in levels. Some are fast and well understanding, while others are not. But the most important thing is, practicing diligently and with passion. It will lead you to success. Don’t worry. We will support you whenever you need it.  

Also, most students set up their own business or work as an employee right after our course. And we teach the skills, as well as regulation of Canada health and safety and how to set up their own business legally in the Canada, includes home-based business.

• Will I get a certificate?

- Yes. once you finish the course, you will get a certificate right away and you can apply a license which the Canada government requires for legal work in Canada with our license.

• Does 1:1 training have an extra cost?

NO. We offer 1:1training at the same price.

• How can I register?

1. Click the course you want to take

2. Fill out the registration form below

3. Click the "Submit registration information"

- Once we get your confirmation, we will issue an Invoice, which requires a $200 deposit, to your email, and you can pay by card. Rest balance will be paid in person on the first day of the course. And your course schedule will be set after our consultation.